Kids on the Verge of a Meltdown? Try Bubble Science

Kids on the Verge of a Meltdown? Try Bubble Science

What’s a quick, easy way to defuse power struggles at home and elsewhere? Blowing bubbles. Kids love bubbles, and you may find it hard to resist them, too.

During stressful times, what bubbles bring to the table are the benefits of mindful breathing. The mindfulness technique is similar to that of taking deep breaths when you’re stressed out. After you open up the bubble  kit:

— Take turns between you and the kids blowing one giant bubble or as many as you can all in one breath.

— Keep it fun!

— Breathe out “low and slow.”

The secret: As in the mindful relaxation technique “4 For Calm Breathing,” exhaling slowly activates the part of the nervous system that lets you “rest and digest.”

And just watching your children blow bubbles and chase after them is relaxing in itself.


Bubbles can also help keep your kids entertained in the winter, when you can play indoor games of “bubble dodge ball,” seeing who can keep a bubble afloat the longest or collect the most bubbles on a wand.

If you don’t have any bubble mix handy, you can make it yourself with ½ cups of dish soap and 2 cups of warm water, plus 2 tablespoons of glycerin for longer-lasting bubbles.  (Hint: Try out the kit or homemade bubble mix before sharing it with the kids, because soap bubbles that are hard to blow might backfire and increase your stress level.)

Above all, have fun. Don’t worry about blowing “perfect” bubbles. If everyone’s laughing, that’s a perfect achievement.


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