Making the family dinner enjoyable: A success story

The Family Dinner Project website features many stories of families so you can read about their journeys “to find new ways to reinvigorate your own family dinners.” Here’s a glimpse from one such story, this one about a New York family that reached out to The Family Dinner Project for help.

At the home of the Bakers — a pseudonym — the family dinners had become increasingly haphazard. On top of that, at the table the daughters, 11 and 13, “were finicky and cranky,” and meal were marked by intrusive cell phones and frequent blowups.

With the help of The Family Dinner Project, family members enthusiastically drew up guidelines — more creative meals, home-cooked dishes, less antagonism and more fun and engagement. As the nonprofit recounted, Tuesday became a special dinner night, each member took turns heading up the meal and outdoing themselves with new recipes, and dinner became an “event” replete with candles.

One daughter recalls that she sat down to the table on Tuesday in a foul mood, “but my crankiness faded with each delicious bite.” The family enjoyed their Tuesday dinners so much, in fact, that they’re considering making Sunday dinner another tradition.

(Read the rest of the Bakers’ story on the FDP website.)